Main Stage 2023

Built from a re-purposed barn, the main stage is located in a natural amphitheater with a large grassy area for audience seating. From the highest king to the lowliest peasant, who doesn't enjoy a good sit? So bring a blanket or a lawn chair & stay a while, or dance like a dervish till your hearts content (or the knees give out)!

Thursday, Aug 10th:    |  7-8pm  |  Farm Fam Meal  8pm  |  8:20-11  |  Bon Jurke et Amis 11:20-12pm

Friday,      Aug 11th:    |   5-6pm |   6:20-7:30  |  7:50-9:50 |   10:10-12

Saturday,  Aug 12th:   10-11am  |   11:20-12:20  |   12:40-1:40  |   2-3pm |   3:20-4:20 (spark em if ya got em!) |   4:40-5:40  |   6-7pm  |  7:20-8:20  |   8:20-9:20  |   9:40-12 |  

Sunday,    Aug 13th:    10-11am |   11:20-12:20 |   12:40-1:40  |   2-3pm |   3:20-4:20  |  4:40-5:40  |   6-7pm |   7:20-8:50  |   9:10-11pm | Bon Jurke et Amis closing Jam Sesh!


And Many More Playing in the Feed Bag Cafe!

Front Gate

Main Gate opens Friday at Noon with the first mains stage performers starting at 5pm. Don't be surprised if you hear music at the little stage near by or when walking the trails as random acts of music will happen all over Farm Fest! It is part of the magic!

Feedbag Cafe

We have a small stage at the Feedbag Café that is perfect for intimate solo, duo & trio acts, but don't be surprised to see a full band there from time to time. Find performers here before the main stage fires up, between main stage sets and late into the night!

Dance Pavilion

Dedicated to "2022 Michigan Artist of the Year" Jake Allen! This is the newest structure at Farm Fest. It features a covered wood floor and is located in the south east corner of the parking area.

Kid's Area

There will be crafts and creative fun for the young and young at a heart throughout the weekend at the kids’ area. Kids are welcome to use the stage & hold mini concerts, acts or shows as they see fit as well as the play ground equipment of course.

2nd Stage

Our second performance area is in the woods near the camping area & provides a more intimate performance space. There is a bulletin board at the second stage where artists can sign up for performance times. Stop by and check the board!

Fire Circle

Located in a natural depression in the wooded area, the fire circle is perfect for late night sing-a-longs and storytelling. Bring your friends, bring an instrument, bring a story & enjoy the night till the coals go out!

Drum Kiva

The drum kiva is located behind the wooded camping area, and provides an intimate venue for rhythm enthusiasts. Stop by any time, but expect the best fun at the drum kiva late in the evening.