There is always music somewhere at Farmfest. Here are performance schedules for our main venues.

Main Stage:

Built from a re-purposed barn, the main stage is located in a natural amphitheater with a large grassy area for audience seating. Bring a blanket or a lawn chair and stay a while.

Friday, August 12:

5:00 pm: A.M.
6:20 pm: Red Herring
7:40 pm: Blue Water Ramblers
9:00 pm: Jack and the Bear
10:20 pm: Honorable Spirits

Saturday, August 13:

10:00 am: Open Mic with Kirby
11:20 am: Deepest Height
12:40 pm: Oh Brother Big Sister
2:00 pm: John Latini and the Flying Latini Brothers
3:20 pm: A Brighter Bloom
4:40 pm: Carrie Westbay and the Limelites
6:00 pm: Olivia Mainville
7:20 pm: Watching for Foxes
8:40 pm: The Waxies
10:00 pm: The Go Rounds

Sunday August 14:

10:00 am: Amanda Egerer
11:20 am: Parkin' Lot Pickers with Ron Fowler
12:40 pm: The Medicine Bell
2:00 pm: Carolyn Koebel, duo with Elden Kelly
3:20 pm: The Camoufleurs
4:40 pm: The Bandura Gypsies
6:00 pm: Jakey Thomas
7:20 pm: The Cookies
8:40 pm: Seth Bernard Trio

Second Stage:

Our second performance area is in the woods near the camping area and provides a more intimate performance space. There is a bulletin board at the second stage where artist can sign up for performance times. Stop by and check the board!

Dance Pavilion:

This is the newest performance area at Farmfest. It features a covered wood floor and is located in the back corner of the parking area.

Thursday, August 11:

7:00 pm: Sydney Burnham and her dad
8:20 pm: The Cookies

Friday, August 12:

4:00 pm: The Medicine Bell
5:20 pm: Olivia Mainville
6:40 pm: Mo Zowayed
8:00 pm: Dragon Wagon

Saturday, August 13:

9:00 am: Yoga and Music Healing provided by Stone Turtle Yoga
10:20 am: Jake Allen
12:00 pm: Honorable Spirits
1:20 pm: Ribo and the Flavinauts
2:40 pm: Family Dance with Jan Fowler
4:00 pm: The Bandura Gypsies
5:20 pm: The Waxies
6:40 pm: Jack and the Bear
8:00 pm: Carrie Westbay and the Limelites
9:20 pm: Feral Ground
10:40 pm: The Change

Sunday, August 14:

9:00 am: Yoga and Music Healing provided by Stone Turtle Yoga
10:20 am: The Brothers Crunch
12:00 pm: RealEyez
1:20 pm: John Latini and the Flying Latini Brothers
2:40 pm: Oh Brother Big Sister
4:00 pm: The Barbarossa Brothers
5:20 pm: Kung Fu Rodeo
6:40 pm: Toomuchofagoodthing

Kids' Area:

There will be crafts and creative fun for the young and young at a heart throughout the weekend at the kids’ area. Below are a few of the schedule activities and performances at the Kids' Area. Also don't forget the children's concert at Second Stage on Saturday at 3 pm.

Friday, August 12:

6:00 pm: The Bandura Gypsies
8:00 pm: Julie Shirlock – euke workshop

Saturday, August 13:

5:00 pm: Oh Brother Big Sister
6:00 pm: Talent Show
8:00 pm: Amanda Egerer

Sunday, August 14:

1:00 pm: Tie Dye workshop for kids of all ages. Bring a shirt or textile if you can. We will have some free pillowcases on a first-come, first-serve basis. Dye and other materials will be provided.
3:00 pm: Rich and Sandra and the Hickabillys
6:00 pm: Seth Bernard

Feedbag Cafe:

We have a small stage at the Feedbag Cafe. Performances will be scheduled there before the main stage fires up, and late into the night.

Thursday, August 11:

8:00 pm: Kellerville
9:20 pm: Toomuchofagoodthing
Late Thursday - midnight: Oh Brother Big Sister

Friday, August 12:

8:00 am: Jack Elliott
Late Friday - Midnight: The Boys of Boomtown

Saturday, August 13:

8:00 am: Red Herring and Nik Carman
Late Saturday - Midnight: A Brighter Bloom

Sunday, August 14:

8:00 am: Play for your Breakfast Jam
9:00 am: The Hackwells
Late Sunday - 10:20 pm: Jakey Thomas and Adam Hoppe

Front Gate:

We wanted to make sure you could hear great music from the moment you arrive at Farmfest until the moment you leave, so we put up a stage at the main gate! Here is a list of performers you can see as you get your wristband, as you say goodbye, or anytime in between:

Thursday, August 11:

5:00 pm: Bob Mowrey
7:30 pm: Knot Qwyte Rite

Friday, August 12:

2:30 pm: Daniel Patch
5:00 pm: Nik Carman
7:30 pm: Syd Burnham Band

Saturday, August 13:

12:00 pm: Rich and Sandra and the Hickabillys
2:30 pm: The Bandura Gypsies
3:30 pm: Jack Elliott
5:00 pm: Kirby

Sunday, August 14:

12:00 pm: The Orbiters
2:30 pm: Deepest Height
5:00 pm: Two Feathers

Fire Circle:

Located in a natural depression in the wooded area, the fire circle is perfect for late night sing-a-longs and storytelling. On Friday evening at 9 pm, come to the lighting of the Yule Log with Banjo Jim. Saturday at 9:30 pm, Ron Fowler will be telling ghost stores. Stop by if you are not easily scared!

Drum Kiva:

The drum kiva is located behind the wooded camping area, and provides an intimate venue for rhythm enthusiasts. Stop by any time, but expect the best fun at the drum kiva late in the evening.


Tweeners will perform at the Feedbag Cafe during the pauses between the main stage events, and late into the night. Check the schedule posted at the Cafe for exact times.

Labyrinth Walk:

Labyrinths have been traced to the cradle of Western civilization in the Mediterranean, in the margins of medieval texts, in Christian cathedrals of France, in the fields of England and Ireland, on church walls throughout Scandinavia and painted on drums of American native tribes. They have been found in India, Yugoslavia, Turkey, Spain, Wales, Peru and Italy. Some date back to 750BC.

Candles will be available after dark on Saturday. Walk the labrinth and place your candle within it.

Tractor Trolley Ride to Church:

Farmfest folk! Even though we come from different paths and different beliefs, here is a chance for us to experience a little piece of local history and enjoy a Christian gathering you soon won't forget.

Walking into a Sunday morning service is like walking into a time machine. One is transformed back in time to a place where the community either walked to church or came in buggies and wagons. The pews are built from the original cast iron frames with wooden seats and backs. Music is sung a cappella from a Psalter, the book of Psalms put to music. The pulpit is simple and plain. Even the doctrine has been persevered and comes from the time of John Calvin, a prominent reformer of the mid 1500's delivered by by Reverend Roger Adams. Members are few in number these days, but strong in heart.

If you love old time worship and/or love to sing, this is a perfect event for you. Let's fill this beautiful church with beautiful Farmfolk voices, listen to an old time gospel rooted sermon and fellowship with a local neighbors. Please join us. Come as you are, barefoot, tie-dyed, and happy! All are welcome!

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