Artists for the 2017 event are booking now. Check back as Farmfest approaches for updates.
Also, if you are interested in sponsoring a band, please let us know though our sponsorship page.

Adam Hoppe

Hailing from Grayling, Michigan, Adam Hoppe is a singer-songwriter best known for his rich vocals and unique guitar style. Adam, an acoustic fingerstyle guitarist, calls his guitar style and song arrangements unique and almost experimental in nature utilizing pedal distortions and delays, diverse guitar keying and live looping. While Adam’s superior sense of fun often shines through, his goal is to not only entertain his audience but to play on the range of emotions in the human experience which makes his performances relatable to everyone.

Alex Mendenall

Alex Mendenall is a nationally touring songwriter based in Lansing, MI. Drawing from soul, folk, funk, and jazz, Alex's music features carefully crafted wordplay, rich chord progressions, and dynamic arrangements of foot percussion. His expressive melodies and heartfelt storytelling focus on universal ideas of life, death, love, and what it means to be human.

Performing in venues and festivals across the Midwestern and Eastern United States, Mendenall has worked with acts like Tyler Hilton, Ryan Cabrera, Hayley Kiyoko, Royal Teeth, and Young Rising Sons. He has toured extensively across the the U.S. in addition to dates in Canada. Alex is an accomplished songwriter, releasing 2013's EP Here to Stay, 2014's EP Somewhere Else to Be, co-writing 2015's EP Nights Like These with Rachel Curtis, and 2016's full-length album, Into the Hinterland.

Alison Birkhofer

Alison Birkhofer is a high school student, a seasoned singer, and a newcomer in the guitar world. She loves to play a variety of music that generally speaks to people's inner thoughts and aspirations. Come support the music of happiness!

The Bandura Gypsies

Sponsored by: Vienna Auto Repair and Barton Briley

The Bandura Gypsies rocks a unique blend of style and sound. The lyrics and melodies are totally emotion-driven, and the foundation is totally power-driven. The Gypsies write about what's goin' down now, what's bringing the joy, and what's bringing the pain. From acoustic folk songs to rock-the-house-down, from ballads to punk, the Bandura Gypsies have a song for you.

Beaver Xing

Beaver Xing consists of life partners Jonathan Beaver and Stacy Noonan. Their passion is connecting with others, especially children, through their music. They each play a variety of both conventional, and un-conventional instruments, and have a crowd-pleasing catalog of covers that spans many eras and genres, with a few originals mixed in. They are happiest busking on the streets of Michigan, and on beaches, at barbecues and in backyards. They bring an instrument "petting zoo" for crowd participation, and a free egg-shaker craft booth wherever they go.

The Blue Water Ramblers

The Blue Water Ramblers are lead singers who take turns harmonizing with each other to create the Blue Water Rambler tapestry of sound. Banjo-Jim Foerch sings of the sailors, farmers, lumberjacks, politicians and workers. Bear Berends croons the love songs and delivers protest songs old and new.

When it's time to dance, the Blue Water Rambler Dance Ensemble presents an evening of singing calls - lines, squares, rounds and reels sung to melodies old and new. If you've never participated in a traditional country dance, Banjo-Jim will gently show you what to do. And for you who do know a 'dosey do' from a 'left allemande', we'll keep you spinning and whirling til the cows come home! Woooooo-ee!

Brent Godfrey

Brent Godfrey is a singer songwriter based in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Brent also builds his own Canjos, Cigar Box Ukuleles and Guitars. He is currently working on his fourth CD of original material to be titled “Songlines” which will feature guest musicians from around the world, as well as his home made instruments.

A Brighter Bloom

Indie Folk-Pop music for the soul. Todd Aldrich and Lauren Onica make up the guitar/ keyboard duo hailing from the Northern woods of Michigan. A Brighter Bloom uses driving rhythms and soaring harmonies to tell stories of reflection, transformation and circumstance. They have an undeniable thirst for songs that morph and move to give their lyrics life.

The Brothers Crunch

Sponsored by: Farmfest Halloween Bash

Est. 2016. The Brothers Crunch. They jam, they sing, they crunch. Caul, Darin & Earl are a classic power trio of brothers in music. From the hilly outskirts of Traverse City, Michigan come a family band performing high energy rock, inspired by the sounds of the 70's & 90's in a beautiful roaring wall of slappy-bass awesomeness...

Carrie Westbay and Limelight

Sponsored by: You Need a Massage

Carrie Westbay is an acoustic entertainer who has been performing and writing music for over 17 years. You can hear some of her original songs and versions of covers on soundcloud, youtube, myspace, facebook and reverbnation. There are also tracks available for download on amazon and itunes. She's been working on a solo project at Dharma Records with Al Bondar and Jake Allen. She's selling CD's of her new music as well as a live EP from Chicago Acoustic Underground and a single on Dharma records new compilation (available online NOW) to raise the funds to finish the Album.

She performs solo gigs, attends and hosts open mics all over the state when she's not with her band. She is currently playing out with the new lineup in her band Limelight but has previously played in Carrie Westbay Band, Tommy Knockers, Ashbury Jam, Diamond drive and Cherrybomb. She started out vocally in public at age 9 or so and then learned to play french horn through the school's band program in 6th grade. She played in marching band, pep band, solo and ensemble and band festivals. Later she picked up trumpet in jazz band-and still plays it with the bands.

Carrie moved to Columbus Ohio after graduating- to check out the scene. Soon after moving there she learned to play acoustic guitar and write music with it. She moved back to MI 2 years later to go to college, where she founded guitar club for the only 2 years it prevailed. The club put on benefit concerts on campus, in the theater where Carrie worked as a stage hand. Carrie started playing out solo on acoustic guitar- her vocals carried her until she developed guitar skills. After graduating she continued to play out acoustically and also joined a house band in Houghton Lake at Shenanigans Pub. After 3 years Carrie longed to travel so, she joined a local rock band. Carrie was the only original member of Cherrybomb since 2006.

Carrie recently placed 2nd of over 20 players in the battle of the acoustix in Traverse city. The contest was sponsored by 97.5 WKLT. There she met Terri Ray who loved her original music. This led to being featured on Terri's Sunday night show on 97.5 WKLT's "The Garage." She has also been nominated for "Best female vocalist" in the tri-cities' area Review Awards 3 years in a row- taking home the "Blues female vocalist" in 2012.

The Change

"The Change" consisting of Ryan Williams - Front Man and Guitarist, Tony LaJoye - Percussion and Harmonies, Jamie Kissane - Bass, Dakota Culberson - Violin, brings you a new and mesmerizing sound that will delight your ears. Bringing thought, heart and soul through every song. Live they will stun you to the core. "The Change" Coming to a venue near you!

Christine Enos

Distant Stars

Sponsored by: Home Comfort Farms

Distant Starts is an experimental rock & roll supergroup from Michigan lead by Jakey Thomas featuring multi-instrumentalists Tai Drury, Al Riesenbeck, Ian Burke, and Andy Fettig performing a colorful variety of original music and covers of iconic pop and rock numbers. Greater things shall you do.

Dr. Goodhart's Home Remedy

Sponsored by: Blissfest Music Organization

Dr. Goodhart's Home Remedy was formed back in 1982 as one of the regular "house bands" for the early Blissfest festivals. The Remedy takes you on a musical journey through America's musical heritage as well as other cultures to experience folk and roots music in its many forms. The group is well versed in many musical styles including: Swing, Jazz, Blues, Irish, Cajun, Appalachian, Gospel, Bluegrass, Gypsy, Ethnic styles and original tunes. The band's leader and founder, Dr. Goodhart himselfm (AKA Jim Gillespie Mr. Blissfest) regularly inspires audiences with his special brand of humor as he embarks on a patter that is reminiscent of an old time medicine show. The other band members supply the necessary spice of musicianship, poise and professionalism. Dr. Goodhart has thrilled young and old audiences alike and will revive your senses as well as maybe even sell you a bottle of their famous, patent pending, all natural, Dr. Goodhart's Home Remedy tonic.

Drew Nelson

Michigan-born Navy veteran Drew Nelson is a storytelling songwriter and multiinstrumentalist. A fly fisherman and world traveler, he writes as a witness to the lives and journeys of those he has met along the way, mixing Americana and roots-rock with traditional folk styles.

Drew has toured across North America and Europe, performing solo and opening for popular rock artists like Melissa Etheridge and Edwin McCain as well as esteemed folk singers like Josh White Jr. and John Gorka.

Drew's Red House debut Tilt-A-Whirl comes out in early 2012. He can also be heard on the new album Dark River: Songs of the Civil War Era, along with Jon Dee Graham, Slaid Cleaves, James McMurtry and new label-mate Eliza Gilkyson.

E Minor

With sweet and smoky melodies, E Minor has an unmistakable folk flavor, with a hint of an old jazz and blues influence. Originally from Mackinaw City/Cheboygan areas in Michigan, E Minor is now based in Traverse City, MI. Elizabeth Minor has been a singer/songwriter practically from birth. She started out playing with her father and sisters as a child, and by 11 years old she grew into her own in music. Although she didn't turn to music fully as a profession until later in life, E Minor had many musical experiences as a young child with her family band. Including her first ever performance in Ireland at age 11. Since then Elizabeth has released her debut album "Dust Out Of Sand" (2013), and toured nationally spreading her signature "smoky folk" at many well-known venues. As well as many popular music festivals which include: Blissfest(2012-2015), Earthwork Harvest Gathering (2013-2015), Wheatland Music Festival (2014), Rootenanny (2012-2014) Farmfest (2012-2013) Traverse City WIne & Art Festival, and many more. E Minor is mostly accompanied by her amazing full band. But also known for her intimate solo performances. Whether its the full band, or her solo act, you are sure to find yourself lost in the lyrics and haunting melodies of E Minor's unique style.

Full Cord

Full Cord started as a project between band members Todd Kirchner, Eric Langejans, Paul Kirchner, and Nate Roberts. All seasoned musicians, they wanted to build a musically diverse band using traditional bluegrass instruments. The band has an extraordinary song base, with songs ranging from traditional country and bluegrass to modern pop hits, big band era tunes and everything in between (and we do mean everything!). With hundreds of songs in their repertoire, they never run out of songs to choose from.

The band’s performances are done using a single microphone traditionally seen on the Grand Ole Opry. Instrument solos and vocal parts are all choreographed around the single microphone bringing an old-timey feel to their performance. The band is based in West Michigan and has had the privilege of performing all over the state, from private parties and events to breweries, barns and bluegrass festivals.

Full Cord has over 80 years of combined musical experience and is using their extraordinary talent to break the bluegrass stereotype and breathe new life into it. They are introducing new styles and arrangements that keep everyone wanting more.

Galactic Sherpas

Uniting the forces of space and time, the Galactic Sherpas create a sonic experience that draws from all corners of the musical Universe. Diving into jams as deep as a black hole, their highly improvised style leaves space travelers on the brink of cosmic euphoria. So get on board and take a ride to sherpa station where there's always free jam.

Galactic Sherpas are a super group hailing from beautiful northern, MI. Comprised entirely of outstanding, educated professionals who have proven themselves as heavy hitters in the music scene in less than three years as a project. The focus of the group is to create interesting sonic landscapes to keep your feet moving, brain churning and freshen up your soul. With influences in Jazz, Funk, Afrobeat and space rock, you'll quickly identify their caliber of musicianship and unique sound. 2010 was a great year for the Sherpas featuring memorable festival appearances at Blissfest, Wuhnurth, Peace Fest, Farm Fest, Free Music Festival and Petoskeys Festival on the Bay. 2011 will feature a brand new EP to start the year, follow by a heavy circuit of events. Keep your ears to the wind, these boys are here to Sherpa you across the galaxy with heavy grooves.

Giggles and Kitty

Giggles and Kitty play a wide variety of songs from the 60's through the 90's. Their unique arrangements of classic songs are refreshingly captivating.

The Honorable Spirits

Sponsored by: Famfest SledFest

The Honorable Spirits are a groovy rock band from Northern Michigan. They are comprised of members of other great Michigan bands. The core group includes: Rob Huckle - Bass Guitar; Kevin Paul - Vocals / Guitar; Matt Pernar - Drums / Percussion.

Jake Allen

Jake Allen hails from Northern Michigan. Since creating his first musical compositions at age five in his father's home studio, Jake’s signature sound has been evolving. His music, complex yet very accessible, is something he calls "progressive ethereal rock." Jake has an artistic style all his own.

As a fingerstyle acoustic guitarist, Jake uses both hands on the fret board, alternatively slapping the guitar for percussive effects. Jake has wowed audiences in venues nationwide with his mastery of this technique. Jake's level of musicianship and talent has stopped listeners in their tracks at both solo shows and while touring with the Jake Allen Band.

In addition to guitar, Jake also plays keyboards, bass, harp, and many other instruments, including drums in the popular Michigan pop dance band, The Cookies. Jake performs all of the instruments heard on his solo albums. Currently, Jake is recording a fourth solo album; a follow-up to his critically acclaimed Etherica at his own Infinite Balance Studios.

Jack and the Bear

Sponsored by: Marsh-Mellow Entertainment

Jack and the Bear is an "Industrial Pop" band from lower east Michigan; conjured up of three siblings and close friends, the group's sound can be related to that of Tom Waits, Felice Brothers, C.W. Stoneking, Bruce Springsteen, Randy Newman, and Disney Soundtracks. With a slogan stating themselves as "The greatest thing you'll ever see, probably." they're a group you won't wanna miss.

Jan Fowler, Dance Caller

Jennifer Lockwood

Jennifer Lockwood is a Singer-Songwriter from Gaylord, Michigan. Performing both original music and covers, she has a style unlike most- inspired by artists like Birdy, The Civil Wars and Noah Gunderson. After her thunderous debut at local open mics, Jennifer has quickly gained the attention of many across Northern Michigan, and is happy to share her passion for music with you!

Jo Serrapere & John Devine

Whether recreating old songs from the Mississippi Delta or performing songs in thierown confessional style, Jo and John's music stands original while always reflecting their love of American roots music. Jo's eclectic writing and performance fuses elements of various modern and traditional folk music, old-time and electric blues, roots rock, swing and alt-country. John's love for the early "race" records of the 1920s and 30s adds charm to their original songs as well as classics from such artists as Mississippi John Hurt, Bessie Smith and Tom Waits. Jo is a member of the all-female group, Stella! as well as the founding member of Uncle Earl. Jo and John performed at the very first Farmfest and are excited to return.


Kirby, From Harbor Springs, Kirby has been with Farmfest since its beginning. His latest album, "Kirby for Kids (and Childish Adults)," features light hearted songs that do not talk down to kids and can be enjoyed equally by adults who refuse to take life too seriously. Kirby will be a Wandering Minstrel willing to discuss Songwriting, Fingerpicking, Harmonica and the meaning of life anytime. He hosts our open mic segment on Saturday and jams out at the Fire circle on Saturday night. Big fun.

Les Older

Les Older either solo or with his band The Ganja Gang have been out rocking the free world for decades! A musician for 50 years he has seen and enjoyed playing around the planet. A true activist for the Medical Marijuana community and is helping to spread the word of the healing power of cannabis and Cannabis Oil. He plays harmonica, guitar and can tap his toe all at the same time making for some good tunes. From Neil Young , Dylan, James Taylor and a ton of others you'll enjoy the show!

Madcat's Midnight Blues Journey

Sponsored by: Cousin Rich

Conducted by Harmonica wizard Peter "Madcat" Ruth, this eclectic electric quartet is fueled by the guitar and steel fireworks of Drew "Cap'n Midnight" Howard, and propelled by the mighty rhythm section of bassist Mark Schrock and either drummer Michael Shimmin or drummer Randy Scott Marsh.

Veterans of the concert and festival stage, the recording studio, clubs, and listening rooms, Madcat Midnight Blues Journey (aka MMBJ) brings seasoned stage presence and improvisational exuberance to standard and obscure blues tunes, folk and jazz melodies, and original music.


'Maticic' is the music project of Mark Pierce, a singer/songwriter from Detroit. After releasing his debut EP, titled Independence Moon, in June 2016, Maticic took to the road to promote the album. Continuing to tour, Maticic will be roaming around the Midwest, Northeast, and West coast throughout 2017. Influenced by storytellers (Gregory Alan Isakov, Jason Isbell, Tom Waits), Maticic writes lyrically driven songs best associated with the Folk/Americana genres.

May Erlewine

Sponsored by: Home Comfort Farms

Some people might call May Erlewine “Michigan’s darling songbird”, but her songs have traveled far beyond her home state. One of the most prolific and passionate songwriters of her generation, May’s music has touched the hearts of people all over the world. Her words have held solace for weary hearts, offered a light in the darkness and held a lot of space for the pain and joy of being alive in these times. When she starts to sing, there’s no way around it. Welcome to the moment, everyone.

Raised in a family rich with art and music, May began writing songs and playing them for the people at a very young age. Her journeys have taken her all over the world, from street corners to renowned stages, May has performed for all walks of life. In her travels Erlewine came to know the land and the pulse of the people. Her songs show a very real connection and concern with everyday folk. May pulls from a wide variety of sounds and influences to create her unique musical landscape. You’ll hear traditional folk roots, old time country swing, soul and rock and roll but mostly she’s inspired by the hearts of the people and the one in her chest. This music is about feeling and it’s about telling life’s stories.

May is a member of the Earthwork Music Collective, a group of independent artists who share resources and talents to raise both community and self-awareness, along with facilitating and encouraging original music in the state of Michigan. Earthwork was created as a means to form a viable alternative path to the conventional music industry. Through collaboration, the collective strives to incorporate efforts of environmental advocacy, social justice, creative empowerment and community building into the core functioning of a musical profession.

May will be performing with Phil Barry, Eric Kuhn, Max Lockwood and Michael Shimmin.

Michael Rosteck

Sponsored by: Gonzo

Michael Rosteck sings songs. Songs about life and songs about vice. Songs inspired by Hank, Willie, Johnny, Townse, Bob, and Neil, and other greats. Original songs to which the festival family can relate. Songs that beg you to sing along and invite you to join him up on stage. Some songs you've heard and some songs you ain't.

Monte Pride

Monte Pride is a Michigan-born, Michigan-based singer-songwriter & fingerstyle guitarist whose songs recall the delicate & stirring vocals of Simon & Garfunkel, with guitar-work reminiscent of Nick Drake and The Tallest Man on Earth. He blends haunting melodies with vivid lyricism, bringing stories of love, loss, and longing to life in a complex array of song.

Nicholas James Thomasma

"Singer-songwriter Nicholas James Thomasma is a Grand Rapids native and a Michigander to the core. He even has the Great Lakes tattooed on his arm and professes real love for the region in earthy, country-imbued songs drenched in honesty and authenticity. Thomasma also happens to be a supremely talented singer. . ." - John Sinkevics, The Grand Rapids Press "Nicholas James Thomasma, aka Nicholas James, is one of West Michigan's rising singer-songwriter stars." - John Sinkevics, The Grand Rapids Press


Artists We Also Like: Matisyahu, Xavier Rudd, Sublime, Bob, Stephen, Damian, and Ziggy Marley. 10ft Ganja Plant, John Brohns Body, Rebelution, The Dirty Heads, Collie Buddz, The Police, Ben Harper, and many many more. AND of course all the amazing Michigan musicians!

Oh Brother Big Sister

Sponsored by: Home Comfort Farms

Oh Brother Big Sister is an eclectic sensation! This brother and sister duo from Northern Michigan covers the music spectrum with entrancing harmonies and ingenious musical arrangements. With a comfortable, comedic essence that makes you feel like your with old friends in the comfort of your happy place; the BIG-sister-little-brother duo deliver music that encompasses a wide variety of music genres with an original acoustic sound that makes each performance an experience.

Penny and Radel Rosin hail from a small speck on the mitten where they were raised in a family with deep musical roots which will be obvious in their passion for music and ease in entertaining. If you are searching for a fresh, distinctive sound with an element of surprise- the search is over- Oh Brother Big Sister is pure pleasure.

Olivia Mainville and the Aquatic Troupe

Sponsored by: Bodacious Gardens

Olivia Mainville and her band are Michigan based multi-instrumentalists with a broad and infectious sound. They create a lively and engaging gypsy swing/theatre/folk rock soundscape for all to savor. Olivia has released one EP in 2014 and has been on tour with noteworthy gypsy swing band, Caravan of Thieves. She’s collaborated with many other Michigan musicians and has played at many festivals and venues throughout Michigan such as Blissfest in Harbor Springs and The Ark in Ann Arbor. Olivia and her band have recorded a new full length album over the course of four days featuring Gerry Leonard (David Bowie’s guitarist) on one of her newest tunes. Be sure to grab her newest CD and catch one of her shows in Michigan!

Rob Massard

From Highland, Michigan…Rob is breaking back into the music scene writing and performing his original music. You can feel the vibes of some of the most prominent bands and musicians both progressive style and folk. He has been playing open mikes at local coffee houses, breweries, and open mike stages as well as The Ark in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Rob began playing guitar at age 6 with his first performance at 10 years old. He was in his first band at age 14 in middle school and another in High School. At age 21, he helped forge an all original band, Black Market, playing mostly hard rock. After a few years with moderate success, the band dissolved and the band members went their own way.

Earlier this year, Rob entered the 18th Annual Great American Song Contest and obtained some high praise in several categories from established judges.

He is currently recording his first CD -- Rhythms of Consciousness -- which will be available at the Pig Pen for $8.

Ron Fowler

Sponsored by: Home Comfort Farms

The Rupple Brothers

With distance & circumstance separating them for much of their formative years, the first rumblings of The Rupple Brothers were felt around 2012, when brothers Evan E. and Cole W. Rupple began showcasing their first full-fledged songs to friends and family around their hometown of Chesaning, MI and other adopted hometowns across the continental United States. Raised with a voracious appetite for melody and the art of song craft, coupled with a wide range of experiences, troubles, triumphs, travels, and muses to draw from; the brothers began to write prolifically upon spending more time together, amassing a huge back log of material, growing closer each day while beginning a true pursuit of happiness for the first time. Soon, traversing Mid – Michigan to play music became standard practice; with dear friend, collaborator, and musical authority Brother James Blum joining in to form the trio of strings that twanged along to the sound of the highway and crashed along to the heave of the sea for close to two years before settling in Grand Rapids to record their debut album with producer Jon Hudock in 2015.

Growing sonically with the addition of percussion and other instrumentation, The Rupple Brothers continue to run the roads, often frequenting battle tested music venues throughout the Mitten such as; The Avenue, The Marble Bar, and The Hamilton Street Pub. The group of course also makes time for other types of shows they hold very dear; beloved smaller intimate shows and large, spectacular outdoor events; everything from private parties to hometown showcases to festivals, performing alongside well known acts such as Joe Hertler and The Rainbow Seekers & Tunde Olaniran. The Rupple Brothers blend heartfelt lyrics with an air of psychedelia, to craft a musical space the likes of which can only be found in few, far corners of the universe.

Sandra Sue Kennedy

ASandra’s unique blend of old country, covers, original songs and children’s music is always enjoyable. She dazzles with her guitar playing and sultry voice. She is also an accomplished percussionist, playing 9 years with the Boyne Mountain Boys and just might surprise you with her washboard or African drum as well.

A 4-time John Lamb Singer Songwriter Retreat veteran, her original music is honest, soulful and from the heart. Try not to shed a tear or bust a gut laughing.

Sandra is a self-described singer/songwriter and song ‘wronger’! She peppers her act with the musings of life as she sees it, unfiltered, ‘punny’ and undeniable authentic. With her own rhythmic style and unique interpretations, she beckons you to come along for the ride, like friends and loved ones around a campfire on a beautiful summer evening.

Seth Bernard

Born and raised on Earthwork Farm in rural northern Michigan, Seth Bernard was brought up in the folk and farmstead culture with an enriching integrative experience of the arts, agriculture, and community. In 2001, Seth founded Earthwork Music, a Michigan-based collective of independent musicians who focus their efforts on environmental advocacy, social justice, creative empowerment and community building. As the Artistic Director of “The Quest”, Seth has partnered with SEEDS, the Library of Congress and the National Parks Service to bring experiential arts and ecological education to children in Northern Michigan in after-school programs and summer camps. As the Director of the Musical Ambassador Program for On the Ground, Seth has helped cultivate partnerships and cultural exchanges between communities in southern Mexico, Ethiopia and eastern Congo and communities in Michigan with a focus on direct collaboration between youth. Seth is on staff at Interlochen Arts Academy for the summer high school singer songwriter program and presents assemblies at schools across Michigan through On Stage 4 Kids. Seth is a NMEAC Environmentalist of the Year Award winner for Arts Education and serves on the Crosshatch Art Team, advocating for artists and farmers. Seth is a prolific songwriter, a pragmatic performer, a multiple Jammie award-winning recording artist and producer, and has been a longtime leader and steward of Michigan’s music community. His 3-year-old daughter Iris has recently helped him enter his watercolor phase as a visual artist. He was educated at Lake City Schools, Interlochen Arts Academy, and the University of Michigan and this year has performed and presented at SXSW, TEDx TC, the Fourth Global Forum for Business as an Agent of World Benefit and his 17th consecutive Farm Fest!

Shawn Anderson

Shawn Anderson is a self taught talented artist. Originally from Boyne City Mi. She started playing the piano at the young age of 5 and has been Spreading her songs of love and happiness ever since. From Country, to folk and even the oldies you'll be sure to enjoy your time spent listening to her sing and play her guitar, piano or anything else that inspires her!

Shawn Butzin

Shawn Butzin is a singer-songwriter, guitarist, and drummer based out of Bay City, MI (of way of Denver, CO). Shawn has toured with previous bands as a drummer, but on June 25, he will release his debut solo album, Northern Trails, which also features former Verve Pipe and current Legal Matters member, Andy Reed. Shawn's single, What Did I Mean To You, has already received radio play and gained exposure to a wider audience. If you're looking for a fresh blend of Americana, alt-country, folk music, Shawn will be sure to deliver.

The String Doctors

The String Doctors is a new group with a few very familiar faces. Joel Mabus leads the group with superb songwriting and savvy stage presence on the guitar and mandolin. Ray Kamalay is the crooner and jokester on guitar. Peter Knupfer has a swinging, bluesy fiddle style that will have you leavin' your seat and tappin' your feet. Dave Hay brings up the bottom on bass. His luscious low tones frame this music with beauty and grace. Together the four are The String Doctors, who bring a new kind of country swing to your lives, for your dancing and listening pleasure.....and their "Michigan" humor will make you laugh too.

Sweet Tooth

Sponsored by: Gaylord Area Council for the Arts

Twister Joe

Twister Joe, Northern Michigan's Favorite Balloon Artist" has performed for over 12 years at hundreds of fairs and festivals all over northern Michigan. A regular at almost every Northern Michigan Festival, and several fairs, Twister Joe performs almost non-stop every summer from Traverse City to Alpena, Cheboygan, Boyne City, Harbor Springs, East Jordan, Charlevoix, Mancelona, Kalkaska, Wolverine, and everywhere in between. Back at Farmfest by popular demand, Twister Joe creates balloon animals and hats, and gags and fun for kids of all ages.

Two Feathers

Mark Cavander graduated from Northwestern Michigan College in Traverse City with an associates of fine arts degree in music education. His influences include Cat Stevens, Neil Young, The Beatles, Bob Dylan and The Rolling Stones. He plays acoustic music on a 1970 Yamaha. He writes all of his songs, and they all have a message. He has been coming to Farmfest from the very beginning.

Watching for Foxes

Watching for Foxes is an indie/folk rock band from Grand Rapids, MI. Forged through raw emotion and incessant gigging, supporting the likes of Langhorne Slim, Larry and His Flask, Joseph, Saintseneca, Roadkill Ghost Choir, and Knox Hamilton, Watching for Foxes creates a passionate and striking sound that you won’t forget.

John Sinkevics, Local Spins: "Could Watching for Foxes be the next great indie band to come out of Grand Rapids? The band has been making its mark on West Michigan's emerging folk revival scene with its striking harmonies and incisive, rootsy lyrics."

Nate Dorough, Fusion Shows: "One of the hardest working and most ambitious bunch of dudes writing sad music in the state of Michigan."

Yoga with Melinda Kay Geiger

Melinda Kay began her yoga journey more than 10 years ago, practicing in the Bikram tradition. She started teaching in St. Johns, MI over 5 years ago, blending the Iyengar and Ashtanga Hatha traditions. Classes are taught in a workshop type atmosphere, allowing for more time and one-on-one adjustments and instruction on poses. Classes are accessible to all fitness levels and those with disabilities. Conversation, Fun, Giggles and Groans are encouraged.

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