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Main Gate

Notice: Weekend tickets will be available at the front gate. Day passes will be available for Sunday only.

We are aiming for all ticket being sold in advance this year, either purchased online or via snail mail. We will be selling tickets at the gate if we have not reached our capacity of 1500. This includes all volunteers, children, vendors and performers. Weekend admission to Farmfest 2021 is $130 per person, including camping. Please remember that your financial support helps make this event possible. Ages 12 and under are free. Sunday only tickets are $41. RV's over 30 feet will be charged a $11 parking fee. This is one of the best deals around. Meal passes are encouraged. The $100 meal pass is good for 15 meals. Feel free to share with friends and family. Groups can also rent a private porta-john for the $100. Your camp will be in the field where your porta-john can be serviced easily.

We will be taking temporal temperatures at the gate. We continue to be cautious even with the lift on Covid restrictions. We will have protocol in place to be used at your convenience. We ask that you respect each other and show empathy no matter how little or how much you practice safety precautions. Please bring: your ticket, your PayPal receipt, and mask. Wear them when and if you feel the need.

Click below to order tickets online, including a small fee to cover credit card processing fees. Please include your mailing address during check out so we can mail your tickets to you.

(Limit one vendor helper per vendor)



We believe in Snail Mail! If you don't want to order online, just send your check or money order to: Farmfest, 1865 Roby Road, Johannesburg, MI 49751.

It will be up to us to create a magical final Farmfest. Donations of time, food, talent and mooooola are very important. Give from the heart and watch another year unfold into the wonder-filled event we have grown to love.


Vendors are welcome. We ask that all craft and art vendors choose a location in Vendor Village in the pines or near the entrance to the pines. We will find a site for all craft and art vendors that arrive. Vendors are asked to contact us for reservations. Weekend cost for vendors is $130.

You can submit a vendor application online or you can print the form and mail it to: Farmfest, 1865 Roby Road, Johannesburg, MI 49751.

Printable Vendor Application

Online Vendor Application

Submit your vendor application online:

Vendor Information:

Are You a Robot?

Vendor setup for Farmfest 2021 will be on Thursday, August 12. NO VEHICLES will be allowed in the vendor area after 12 noon on Friday, August 13.

Once you have submitted this form, please purchase your vendor tickets online or mail yoru payment to: Farmfest, 1965 Roby Road, Johannesburg, MI 49751.

Upcoming Events:

June 25-26: Get er Done Weekend

Preparing the farm for Farmfest is always a very rewarding experience. This is the time we can get creative. What is it that you would like to see added to the land? Let us know and help manifest it.

Of course there are the usual annual items that need to be done: Cow barrels, butt cans, prepping the stages and clearing the trails. Weed whacking and mowing. Organizing the kitchen. Etc etc etc.

Bring camping gear, food to share, instruments and a festive heart. It’s a great time to Git ‘er Done and together it is easy to do just that! AND of course you receive your Farmfest weekend pass before you go home. Main stage music Saturday night with the Pondhoppers.


August 12-15, 2021: Farmfest 2021!

Come enjoy a weekend of fun, family and music. Bring a camper, or a tent, or sleep under the stars!

Volunteer at Farmfest

Volunteer: help the cause and receive discounted admission