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Farmfest 2017

August 10-13


Farmfest is a relaxed and intimate music festival the second full weekend of August, in the beautiful Michigan north woods, the highlight of August for Michigan folk aficionados. The Farmfest main stage sits at the bottom of a visually and acoustically beautiful natural amphitheater. The stage was crafted of recycled wood from the barn that once stood at the top of the hill. The lineup tends to feature some of the best Michigan folk-spirited acts, from traditional folk and bluegrass to modern reggae and folk-flavored rock'n'roll. Come camp on site, or drive out for the day.

GATES OPEN on Thursday at noon. Stay through Monday morning if you like. Farmfest is a four-day Mooosical Magical happening. It's a musician's playground, so if you like to jam bring your instruments. Sign up for the Second Stage sets, but do it early because if fills up fast. Main stage music begins on Friday. Drum Kiva, Fire Circle Jams, Dance Pavilion Events, Feedbag Café and Pub, Parkin' Lot Pickin', Candle Light Labyrinth Walk, Second Stage Open Mic, Kids-Kids-Kids Stuff!, Workshops, Gardening fun, Great Food, and Morning Yoga, Sacred Land.

Year number 18!

Farmfest is over the top with Michigan musicians. SO many Michigan musicians are finding sponsors. We are still the best bang for your buck when it comes to Michigan festivals. Tickets are $90 at the gate for your weekend pass -- this includes camping. Volunteers get in for free. If you come to the gate and want to volunteer, you are required to pay the full amount, work your two 4-hour shifts sometime throughout the weekend...THEN get refunded. Volunteers and Vendors are welcome to come set up camp on Wednesday. Go to our Volunteers or Vendors pages to sign up.

Consider becoming a Farmfest sponsor. Without sponsors, this ole farmer gal could NO WAY put on such an event. Check it out on our Sponsors page.

AND NO PETS....We try really hard to get the NO PETS rule out there, but they come anyway...every year. PLEASE don't bring your pets. We LOVE dogs and cats and birds and all the loved critters of the world, but please find a sitter for the weekend.

Hugs to All,

Stacy Jo

2016 Farmfest Blog:

Auguts 6, 2016:

Every song I hear on the farm tugs at my heart strings -- five I cannot narrow down to -- but one, one I will never forget. Being less than 10 years old dancing in front of main stage, Electric Violet was on and my mom was there, dark hair spinning all around her and eyes alight with the palpable energy that surrounded us. More than fifteen years ago no performance burns brighter in my mind's eye than that screaming guitar and my fairy goddess mother. I suppose I could call The Cookies a close second as I find myself, once again, center stage, dancing endlessly but now with my own small one who gazes in wonder, who lights up every time we hear a song they cover on the radio throughout the year. With this all brought to the forefront and Farmfest just around the corner, I find myself filled with such gratitude to be able to call it home -- a safe place filled with so many sweet memories, and one I can pass along to my son. A place he will one day call home too, where he will walk when the grounds are empty and quiet and hear the echoes of his own childhood laughter. We are all so blessed to have known this place, these people, and this love. Farm on.

- Darleen Wood (drum kiva caretaker)

May 23, 2016:

Welcome to the Farmfest blog. Here is where we will share our stories our memories and our dreams. 2023 Farmfest will be Farmfest's 25th year. At that time we will print all the stories and publish a book...a history of us. So please write down your stories. Share your favorite memories, good and bad. Here goes: In 1983 I went to Blissfest and fell in love as many of us do with the festival vibe, the people, the freedom and especially the music. It wasn't until 1997 when, again at Blissfest, I met a guy that gave me the courage and help to transform the farm into the sweetest little festival site in Michigan. Tom was his name and he knew how to build things. We gathered people and supplies and started a non-profit 501c3 organization we named Farmhouse Music Organization. We began taking the old Barn down in the fall of 1997 and recycled the lumber for the mainstage. Many people came all summer to help build the stage and get the place ready. We worked hard and played hard and loved hard. We ate well and got sun burned and sore muscles and splinters. One fun memory for me was listening the “guy talk” when they didn’t know I was listening. I could go back up to the house and open the upstairs window and hear it all. The acoustics are amazing from the stage because it’s location is in a perfect natural amphitheater. I could hear it all! Guys sure like to reference their penises a lot when women are not around. LOL And Yo Mama Jokes were fun too. All summer they blamed all the mistakes on a fictitious guy names Bob…then a real Bob came to help. Poor guy. We also had Chuck. Fun and full of life. He decided he was going to be our spiritual advisor. I don’t think he ever gave us any advice, but he liked the title so we went with it. There was Reva too. She was a sweet elderly lady who has since passed away. She always wore a shirt that said FOXY LADY on it. She was a gem! There were many great people that year. Some still come every year. Some don’t, and like Reva some have died and are now remembered in our memorial area by the labyrinth.

In August of 1998 we hosted our first Farmfest. 363 people came, most for free. (musicians, volunteers and children) There was a huge thunder and lightning storm on Friday which affected our attendance greatly. We had to hold off on the music until the lightning stopped many times that evening. People found shelter in tents and campers food tents and back stage. I was back stage. Tom was too. I remember seeing him high in the rafters just hanging out waiting for the lightning flashes. Were you back stage that night? If you were we need to hear from you! What do you remember about that night? On Sunday we realized we were losing our butts, so we asked all the musicians and food suppliers, the porta potty people, even the electric company to discount what we owed them. Everyone did except one. That one saw me coming months earlier, knew I was green as a cucumber being my first attempt at booking a festival, way over charged us and demanded payment that day knowing we didn’t have the money. I borrowed the money from a relative that night for them. THEN…I got a second mortgage on the farm to pay the bills which took 10 years to pay off. We learned a lot that year. In fact we have never stopped learning since that first year. The next 19 years has been quite a journey indeed! As this blog continues I will share my stories. I am looking forward to hearing your stories too.


This year, feel free to “Bring Your Own Dishes!” If you are dining at the Feedbag Cafe, you can bring your dishes so we don’t have to use as many paper plates. There will be a dish washing station behind the dining area. The next time you enjoy the shade of a nice tree, consider yourself thanked!

A Few Downloads:

Here are quick links to a few items you might need:

Vendor Application 2017
Vendors, please use this form to sign up for a spot in our vendor area.

Volunteer Application 2017
Volunteer at Farmfest. More information is here.

Farmfest Grounds Map
Here is a handy map for finding your way around the Farmfest grounds.

About Farmfest:

Farmfest was born in 1998. It is hosted by Stacy Jo Schiller who owns the farm. The mission of Farmfest is to support the performing arts while blending nature and music.

Farmfest logo designed by: Mike Rosteck

Upcoming Events:

February 2017


2 p.m. til the cows slide down the hill on a tube. $15 entry; 12 and under free. Lit trails for snowshoeing and cross country skiing. Great food and pub. Music starts at 3:00 with 12 bands performing. Winner gets a main stage booking at Farmfest 2017. Snow Art winner gets two weekend passes. Winter camping if you dare. Bonfire to light a small city. Inner child fun!!

Get more info at our Facebook event page.

Can't remember how to get to the Farm? Detailed directions are right here.

Late May 2017

Planting Weekend

Each spring, the greenhouse is fills up with amazing plants promising great organic food choices for us at Farmfest. Come help us plant the gardens, and earn a weekend pass to Farmfest. Bring a dish to pass, your camping gear and instruments for campfire jamming.

Late June 2017

Get ‘er Done Vounteer Work Weekend

Preparing the farm for Farmfest is always a very rewarding experience. This is the time we can get creative. What is it that you would like to see added to the land? Let us know and help manifest it.

Of course there are the usual annual items that need to be done: Cow barrels, butt cans, prepping the stages and clearing the trails. Weed whacking and mowing. Organizing the kitchen. Etc etc etc.

Bring camping gear, food to share, instruments and a festive heart. It’s a great time to Git ‘er Done and together it is easy to do just that! AND of course you receive your Farmfest weekend pass before you go home.

August 10-13, 2017

Farmfest 2017!

Come enjoy a weekend of fun, family and music. Bring a camper, or a tent, or sleep under the stars!

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